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Why is Puppy Eating Grass and Dirt?

welsh corgi pembroke dog in the park eating grass
welsh corgi pembroke dog in the park eating grass

Why is Puppy Eating Grass and Dirt? September 2023


Puppies are curious little creatures, and sometimes they like to indulge their curiosities by eating things they aren’t supposed to eat! That includes grass, dirt, rocks and other potentially toxic materials. So why would your puppy want to eat these things, and what can you do if he does? Here are five possible reasons why your puppy may be eating grass and dirt and how to keep him safe if he does.

Could be a nutrient deficiency

If puppy eating grass and dirt, first you should make sure that your pet is getting enough of the appropriate types of food. It could also be a sign of an emotional disorder, like separation anxiety. However, if your puppy continues to eat grass or dirt it may be because of a nutritional deficiency. If that’s the case, have your veterinarian test for any vitamin deficiencies to treat them quickly.

May be bored or seeking attention

Why do puppies eat grass and dirt? In truth, it can be because they are bored. It can also be that they just love the taste. Is your puppy eating anything else weird or being destructive to get attention, like pulling on a tablecloth or knocking over trash cans? If so, see if you have addressed those issues before putting your puppy in the crate for an extended period of time. Sometimes puppies will eat something inappropriate just to get the owner’s attention-can you give your pup more attention during the day by spending some special one-on-one time with him at different times of the day, including some playtime in between his meal times as well as when he’s sleepy at night? Your pup might also want more belly rubs and head scratches.

Might have an upset stomach

While it may seem cute to see your puppy eating grass and dirt, they are actually probably doing so because they might have an upset stomach. Many dogs will seek out grass or dirt if they are having an upset stomach which can be caused by things like food poisoning, food allergy, or parasites. If you suspect that your dog has any of these problems then it is a good idea to bring them to the vet for some help.

Could be teething

Puppies are teething creatures. Teeth marks on their toys and chew toys can tell you how well they are dealing with this difficult time in their life, but why is your puppy eating grass and dirt when all of his other toys are readily available to him? Does he need something more to ease the pain of these new teeth coming in or does he just like the taste of some fresh produce every now and then?

Puppies go through this process about three times a year for the first year of their life. They generally have a gap between the time that their old teeth fall out until the new ones come in, which can last from 4 to 6 weeks depending on what your dog eats.

Might have parasites

There are a few potential reasons why your puppy could be eating grass or dirt. If your pup has recently been on any new kind of food, they may not like the taste, so they may be craving something else. If they had eaten too much people food that was greasy or rich in salt or sugar, they could just want to balance out their palette with something blander. And if there’s a specific kind of green he likes, such as lawn grasses, he might be trying to make himself feel better after drinking some acidic beverages. However, there are also serious reasons for puppy-eating grass and dirt that should never be ignored- parasites is the number one cause!

Conclusion about puppy is eating grass and dirt

When you notice your puppy eating grass and dirt, it can be a little alarming. Not only can it be dangerous for their teeth and stomach, but some of the plants they’re eating might have toxic properties.

So why do they do this anyway? Unfortunately, there’s not always a clear answer. Some puppies might find the taste or texture of the plant irresistible while others are simply bored or looking for something to chew on. You could also have a dog that suffers from separation anxiety and needs an activity to take its mind off being left alone.

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