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Top 10 richest boxers in the world today 2024

richest boxers in the world
richest boxers in the world

Wealthiest Boxers in the world today as of [current date format=’Y’]

One of the interesting sports to watch is boxing. Boxing sport has been around in existence for many decades and today it is one sport that that pays professional boxers a good chunk of money. Many people have the impression that boxing is violent yet it’s not, you can’t compare the savagery nature of two gladiators with professional boxing. The wealth associated with boxing professionals mostly come through per pay view where millions of subscribers pay to watch, advertisements by big brands, and endorsement of brands by players which in turn sum up to the huge amount of money paid out. To show case this here are top 10 richest boxers of all time.

10. Bernard Hopkins Net worth: $40 Million

He is an American professional boxer and one of the richest with a net worth averaging 40 million dollars. Mostly known as the B-Hop or the Executioner he was the first professional boxer to win the international Boxing Federation middleweight title. During his career he has won 51 out of 59 total fights. He is also known to be the undisputed world middleweight champion who defended the title 20 times. He made it to the list of top richest boxers in the world today.

9.Marvin Hagler  Net Worth $45 Million

Born in 1954 in New Jersey the boxer who has crafted his name in The International Boxing Hall Of Fame and the World Boxing Hall Of Fame is net worth 45 million dollars as of today. He built his career when he became the undisputed world middleweight champion for a record of seven years between 1980-1987. In his bag of titles and accolades he has been awarded fighter of the year and fighter of the decade due to winning 62 fights out of 67 and 52 of those by means of knockout. Today he is recognized as one of the greatest boxers of all time. After retirement Hagler has been featuring in the film industry on movies such as Indio, Leather Lunch Date, among others. He made it to the list of top richest boxers in the world today.

8.Muhammad Ali Net worth $50 Million

Muhammad Ali was one of the greatest American boxers of all times and even though he is gone he deserves to be on the list for his achievements and he was an icon moreover a legend in the sport. The man before becoming a professional boxer had already won 6 Kentucky Golden Gloves, 2 national Golden Gloves, Amateur Athletic junior Title and in 1960 winning light weight gold medal at Olympics

He has gone down at an age of 74 being the first youngest boxer to ever defeat and take a title from a heavy weight champion and the greatest heavy weight champion the world has seen so far.

7. Vitali Klitschko Net worth: $65 Million

Mostly known as the Dr,Ironfist in the boxing world for his powerful striking punches the man is worth a  net fortune of 65 million dollars. During his career his success is attributed by the several accolades he has won such as super heavyweight championship at the world military games in Italy WBC heavyweight title and a silver medal for winning world amateur companionships title

6.Sugar Ray Leonard Net Worth $120 Million

Sugar Ray Leonard took home world titles in five different weight divisions and retired with the accolade Boxer of the Decade for the 1980s. He soon went on to become the first boxer to win title belts in five different weight classes, a long-standing world record. It was until 1997 that the man decided to retire from professional boxing. His wealth has been summed up by the various endorsements he has received from companies such as EA sports, Coca-Cola, Ford among others. He has as well ventured into the film industry featuring in movies such as The Fighter, Riot among others. The boxer has also published his own autobiography The Big Fight. He made it to the list of top richest boxers in the world today.

5. Lennox Lewis Net Worth $140 Million

The undisputed world heavyweight champion and a former heavy weight champion Is net worth 140 million dollars. Out of the 44 fights in his career he has won 41 of them which are inclusive of notable victories such as Mike Tyson by KO in 2002, Evander Holyfield and Vital Klitschko in 2003. He has also won a gold medal in the Olympics games for his country Canada in 1988. The champion has been on the history records as being one of the five boxers of all times to have won the heavy weight championship thrice.

4.Oscar De La Hoya Net worth $200 Million

Born in 1973 in California, Oscar De La Hoya is a retired professional boxer whose net worth is 200 million dollars. Oscar comes from a family with boxing background and from that he was able to start his career quite early and in 1992 Barcelona Olympics he brought home a gold medal. During his amateur career Oscar De La Hoya registered an impressive 234 wins and 163 of them were knockouts and only had 6 setbacks. After losing to the legend boxer Manny Pacquiao in 2008 Oscar decided to retire from boxing. However not all his wealth is from boxing since he has a Spanish boxing show in HBO, clothing line and merchandising deals he operates.

3.Manny Pacquiao Net worth $ 220 million

Manny Pacquiao is one of the legends in the boxing sport industry and today very famous. He has got a lot in his plate as he is a boxer, politician, an actor and a musician as well. Many consider the legend as pound for pound number one boxer in the planet. Recently he was involved with the most awaited boxing match in 2015 which turned to be the highest revenue producing boxing match that has ever been staged with Mayweather. It is estimated Manny was awarded with $ 120 million from that fight alone even though he was defeated by Mayweather. It was also reported his last fight with Timothy Bradly earned him $20 million making him declared the boxer of the decade for winning many titles in 8 different weight classes. He has a record of 57 wins out of 65 matches and for his music career his music album has sold more than 2 million copies globally. His wealth has also been added up by endorsements from companies such as Nike, Nestle, Foot Locker among others. He made it to the list of top richest boxers in the world today.

2. George Foreman Net worth $300 Million

Many people know George Foreman by different names or by some achievements. Some know him as a Texan who defeated the legend Joe Frazier by KO, or the man who beat Muhammad Ali in one of the major global boxing events of all time in Zaire jungle in 1974 “Rumble in the Jungle”. But for those people who are born in early 2000,s you probably know George as the man who sells Meineke Mufflers on television.

Though he is legend in the boxing world with an impressive of 76 wins out of the 81 fights most of his wealth has contributed little to his net worth. He is a multimillionaire entrepreneur and in his shoulders he has won 2 world heavy weight boxing championship, and an Olympic Gold medal. He made it to the list of top richest boxers in the world today.

1.Floyd Mayweather Net worth: $400 Million

Mayweather is not only the richest boxer profession alive but he is the highest paid per fight making $80 million to $150 million. Born in 1977 he has won 6 boxing championships in 5 different classes and registered 48 wins, 26 being a knockout with zero losses in all the 48 matches. The match that raised his net worth was between him and Manny Pacquiao in 2015 where he was awarded 60% of the total prize money as a winner in the global most anticipated match of all time. He made it to the top of our list of top richest boxers in the world today and he is the richest boxer alive.

Even though the sport involves bruising your partner and knocking him down to register a win the sport is financially rewarding especially when endorsements from big companies is involved as you can read above. Just like all the sports these individuals above not only are they rich but they have had a sacksful career hence turning their winnings into wealth.

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