Who is Joe Namath Dating Now?


Find out who Joe Namath is dating, Joe Namath dating history, Joe Namath wife, Joe Namath girlfriend, Joe Namath ex-girlfriend and even Joe Namath ex-girlfriend list. We shall also reveal Joe Namath wife age, and how long has Joe Namath been married. We do also have information regarding Joe Namath net worth. So tune and find out who is Joe Namath dating now.

Who is Joe Namath?

Nicknamed “Broadway Joe” Joe Namath is one of the most iconic and popular figures in American Football League and National Football League. He is a former quarterback who played in AFL and NFL primary for New York Jets. Before joining the Jets he was a member of college football at Alabama before being drafted in 1965 AFL Draft. During his time with the Jets he has won two MVP, led the Jets in winning the Super Bowl and AFL championship. To date these are the only victories the Jets have ever accomplished since then. Following the AFL and NFL merger he played for the New York for seven seasons and closed his career with Los Angeles Rams. Namath is the first quarterback to win a major professional championship and a college national championship. He has been inducted in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Today we shall look at Joe Namath dating life and much more about him that you dint know.



Joe Namath Biography

The Celebrity Name: Joe Namath

The Celebrity real names are Joseph William Namath.

Joe Namath  gender? He is a male.

Joe Namath  age? Joe Namath age is 78 years.

When was Joe Namath born? In born May 31, 1943

Where is the birth place of Joe Namath ? Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, U.S.A

What is the Nationality of Joe Namath ? He is an American.

What is the height of Joe Namath ? 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m).

What is the weight of Joe Namath ? 200 lb (91 kg)

What is Joe Namath  Sexual Orientation? Well he is straight.

What is Joe Namath  profession today? Former American professional football player.

Joe Namath Salary 2022: is $1 million.

Joe Namath Net Worth in 2022 is at $25 million.

Joe Namath dating History Last Updated  17, August 2022


To answer to you the question most of you want to know which is, is Joe Namath married? Or who Joe Namath partner is? Or who are Joe Namath children? Here is a breakdown of Joe Namath dating life.



Here is Joe Namath Dating History as of 17, August 2022


Current relationship statistics of Joe Namath as of 17, August 2022


What is Joe Namath marital status?



Is Joe Namath married?



Who is Joe Namath wife/ Spouse?

None but he had married Deborah Mays


When did Joe Namath get married?

Joe Namath is Married to (Deborah Mays) and in case you have been wondering how long was Joe Namath married it’s 14 years. The couple divorced in 2000.


Joe Namath wife age?

Joe Namath is single


Is Joe Namath Gay?

No Joe Namath is straight but single


Is Joe Namath Dating?

No we haven’t heard any news of Joe Namath dating as of today so we aint sure he is or not.


Joe Namath girlfriend

None he is divorced


How many relationships did Joe Namath have?



Joe Namath ex-girlfriend            

Deborah Mays


Joe Namath ex-girlfriend list    

Randi Oakes, Janis Joplin, Phyllis Davis, Mamie Van Doren, Kim Basinger, Raquel Welch, Christa Helm.


Is Joe Namath having any relationship affair?



Does Joe Namath Have Any Children?

Yes he has


Who are Joe Namath children?

Joe Namath children are Olivia and Jessica


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