Who is Michael Oher Dating Now?


Find out who Michael Oher is dating, Michael Oher dating history, Michael Oher wife, Michael Oher girlfriend, Michael Oher ex-girlfriend and even Michael Oher ex-girlfriend list. We shall also reveal Michael Oher wife age, and how long has Michael Oher been married. We do also have information regarding Michael Oher net worth. So tune and find out who is Michael Oher dating now.

Who is Michael Oher?

Michael Oher is a former American football offensive tackle who used to be part of National Football League (NFL). He played in the NFL for eight seasons as a team member of Baltimore Ravens. Before joining the NFL he was at Mississippi playing college football and earned an All-American honors for his prowess in the game. He was drafted by Ravens in 2009 NFL Draft. Apart from Ravens he has played fo Caroline Panthers, and Tennessee Titans. Michael is perhaps the only Super Bowl Champion who has gathered a lot of popularity as a character in a movie than in the real world where he could have been a Super Bowl Champion football player. Today we shall look at who is Michael Oher dating.



Michael Oher Biography

The Celebrity Name: Michael Oher

The Celebrity real names are Michael Jerome Oher.

Michael Oher gender? He is a male.

Michael Oher age? Michael Oher age is 36 years.

When was Michael Oher born? In born May 28, 1986.

Where is the birth place of Michael Oher? Memphis, Tennessee, U.S.A

What is the Nationality of Michael Oher? He is an American.

What is the height of Michael Oher? 1.93 m.

What is the weight of Michael Oher? In Kilograms – 143 Kgs.

What is Michael Oher Sexual Orientation? Well he is straight.

What is Michael Oher profession today? American professional football player.

Michael Oher Salary 2022: is $7 million.

Michael Oher Net Worth in 2022 is at $20 million.

Michael Oher dating History Last Updated  17, August 2022


To answer to you the question most of you want to know which is, is Michael Oher married? or who Michael Oher partner is? Or who are Michael Oher children? Here is a breakdown of Michael Oher dating life.



Here is Michael Oher Dating History as of 17, August 2022


Current relationship statistics of Michael Oher as of 17, August 2022

What is Michael Oher marital status?



Is Michael Oher married?

Yes Michael Oher is Married to Tiffany Michelle Roy.


Who is Michael Oher wife/ Spouse?

Tiffany Michelle Roy


When did Michael Oher get married?

Michael Oher Married Tiffany Michelle Roy and in case you have been wondering how long has Michael Oher been married it’s a couple of years now.


Michael Oher wife age?

No one knows Tiffany Michelle Roy age it’s been kept hidden from the public.


Is Michael Oher Gay?

No Michael Oher isn’t gay but he supports the LGBT community.


Is Michael Oher Dating?

Just in case you’re wondering who Michael Oher is dating now


Michael Oher girlfriend


There has been some rumours of Michael Oher girlfriend being Tabitha Soren.


How many relationships did Michael Oher have?           

Just 1 at least that’s what we know.


Michael Oher ex-girlfriend

No one knows who the ex-girlfriend of Michael Oher is.


Michael Oher ex-girlfriend list

Michael Oher ex- girlfriend list isn’t available.


Is Michael Oher having any relationship affair?

Yes there was suspicion he might be wedded to Tabitha Soren.


Does Michael Oher Have Any Children?

No Michael Oher children doesn’t have children none of which we know.


Who are Michael Oher children?

None we know of.

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